Anthem Comic In-Bound!

By Oh_Gaz

New to the Community? Don’t forget to join! Twitter YouTube Discord Podcast Twitch Comically Anthemic From Mass Effect to Dragon Age, BioWare is no stranger to video game comics and we are no stranger to frothing at the mouth over them. Often designed as additional tales, prequels and back stories including characters that we both know well and new characters introduced to the conversation, the BioWare comics published by Dark Horse Comics hold a special place in the BioWare fan’s heart. To add to the BioWare comic stable, Dark Horse Comics hinted at the advent of an Anthem Comic alongside the announcement of their Anthem Art book – part of an Anthem publishing program – back in July 2018. Since then, and Dark Horse themselves have provided a few more details on the enigmatic Cartoon strip, including some stunning cover art (pictured) from confirmed artist Eduardo Francisco (Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse), a launch day of (giggidy): February 27th 2019 for the comic and a launch day of February 26th for that Art Book! *gulp* What to expect? The biggest details revealed involve the engagement of a 3-issue comic mini-series – that is being served up as a prequel to Anthem’s main story and…we suspect will provide some additional insights to fans of the brand new I.P. Joining Eduardo on the art, writers Alexander Freed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and Mac Walters (Mass Effect: Foundation) will be the driving force behind the story and writing of the highly anticipated comics. With such an ME and Star Wars pedigree in-check, we hope to see some strong Sci-Fi elements and curious tales that take us beyond the conversations that Anthem has already presented us with. Notably, the action-packed cover provides insights into an encounter between the Ranger Javelin and a handful of Scars. As the go-to “poster-star” for the series since the announcement at E3 2017, the Ranger Exo-suit is the most obvious choice to channel a prequel story cover – with a familiar archetype that will both provide back-story but will also help promote the existing Javelin suit and indeed the game when it launches 4 days earlier on the 22nd February. From information discussed so far, the story will focus on a young boy named Kismet who was rescued by (the now) retired Freelancer Yarrow (pictured). Within the game, Yarrow is an agent contact based in Fort Tarsis with whom you will engage contracts and missions. Yarrow is of the old-guard and worries deeply that the Freelancer traditions and worth are being ignored and forgotten. When will it be set exactly? It will be interesting to explore the date setting of this coming comic to understand how old Yarrow will be and indeed what part he will play in the greater mini-series, if at all. Will his challenges and perceptions still stand? Or will it be of a “nobler” time, where the Freelancers are far more cherished and respected than in the current setting of the game. Regardless, the focus of the tale appears to be set to follow the journeys of said orphan Kismet and indeed his sister Jani – in the hopes of fulfilling their dreams amongst the harsh realities of the Anthem world. Will we see more gorgeous art work of The Wall?, Fort Tarsis? and the jungles of Mirrus? (if that is indeed the name of Anthem’s planet on show)? And what of the luscious environments, rivers and action of Anthem? How will that translate to comic? Is the cover-art representative of the style we can expect throughout the series? We hope so! In reflection it’s unexpected and refreshing for fans to consider that such a youthful Intellectual Property as Anthem is already being given the dues that the likes of Mass Effect and Dragon Age have enjoyed for some time under the BioWare comic arrangement. It’s also telling for the future of the brand, and evidence of the investment that BioWare and EA have in driving multiple mediums for game at launch. We will gladly comply, BioWare. We will gladly comply. Prepare for more news in the coming weeks from Anthem Universe as we discuss and share more gameplay and beyond! Anthem #1 (of three) drops on February 27, 2019, and is available for Pre-Order.  The Art of Anthem also drops February 26, 2019. You can Pre-Order here: AmazonBarnes & Noble, Puffin Australia and here For more on Anthem – check out the most recent Developer LiveStream here By Oh_Gaz Anthem Universe. Join. Discuss. Create.

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