Anthem: Gamescom Interview Details


 By Oh_Gaz

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In a press release yesterday, GamesRadar confirmed that they will be catching up with Game Director Jon Warner during their Gamescom After Dark Event. 

Sponsored by Honor, the live-streamed show will be used for “sitting down with the minds behind some of the biggest games on the horizon to talk about what they have in store”

Thus, amongst other games, Anthem is set to be making an appearance and it’s fair to say we’re a LITTLE bit excited. 

Whilst timings may change, it us currently listed as: 

7.00 – 7.25pm Anthem  
John Warner, Anthem’s Game Director, is going to talk us through an Anthem demo that’ll make your eyes deliriously happy. 

With Anthem’s other prominent represent – Mark Darrah confirming his atttendance at PAX West only 4 days ago, it has been discussed within the community that the likelihood of a significant event other than a closed-doors opportunity for those at Gamescom is slim. 

Therefore, GamesRadar and other outlets with similar avenues may be some of the few opportunities gamers will get to engross themselves in Anthem goodness…well at least until early September when we see the Panel Bioware has confirmed for Pax West.

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By Oh_Gaz

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