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Today, Game Director Jonathan Warner and Executive Producer Mark Darrah spent time on the Anthem Game Twitch to run another Question and Answer AMAAAA! 

Mark covered several topics – some previously answered, some new and many related to the recent additional drop of content now stemming from the latest  Full Anthem Gameplay Trailer.  The pair looked awesome and cuddly. And like they were at the helm of the USS Enterprise, BUT, the conversations and banter were lively as always…

Following is a summary and key-points discussed:


  • Are the game’s dungeons
  • Will run a typical 35-40mins.

When is launch?

  • 22nd February 2019

Will the game balance to you?

  • Game is best balanced to 4 players
  •  Game makes subtle adjustments for all player mixes, and allows for single player of course,  but ideal is 4.

Are animals and plants able to be harvested/hunted?

  • You can harvest plants. Cannot hunt animals
  •  There are no domesticated animals in the world. Its a far too dangeours world for that. And. You are not a hunter.

Is there crafting?

  • There is crafting. More on that later.

How big is the overworld map?

  • In the game-demo trailer we have crossed over maybe 1 subregion. Of which there are 10 in-game.

Can you elaborate on guilds?

  • More on social mechanics later.
  • But there are ways for you to group up with fixed groups

Can you wear the skin of your slain enemies?

  • No


  • Not currently in the plan
  • They are looking at options for it potentially on some platforms, but not planned.

Who scored the soundtrack?

  • To be Confirmed later

How deep underground and how big are the unseen parts of the game map ?

  • Not specified

Can you buy items from Merchants?

  • Yes

Are there unique boss mechanics?

  • Yes

Beta/Demo Dates?

  • To be Confirmed later

What is Science Fantasy?

  • Referenced Star Wars and Marvel Universe as similar types of Fantsy Fiction

Can you drown?

  • Yes. Still testing. But there are limits, yes.

Is there fast-travel in-game?

  • Yes.

Are there swords?

  • We’re not talking about Interceptor and Storm right now 😉

Can you combo if playing solo?

  • Yes – e.g with a lightning strike, rail-gun, and depending on how you configure your load-out.

Will there be saved loadouts?

  • Yes. There will be more than one.

Can you do wall-runs?

  • No, though all sorts except the colossus can do: barrel rolls, manoeuvres, and of course the Teleport for Storm

Can you replay story Missions?

  • Yes.

Will there be a high-score Leaderboard?

  • Yes. More on this later.

Are there other types of Elemental damage?

  • Yes

How did you access Storm at Level 1 if you cannot start with Storm?

  • The Developers are running a debug version which allows this. You will not get Storm till approx Level 5.

What if you miss loot?

  • Can be collected post-mission.

Are you comfortable in your mini-spaceship right about now?

  • Context: 


  • Answer: Yes.

Do Armor pieces and guns have random rolls of perks/stats?

  • Yes

Can you take your Javelin off outside of Fort Tarsis?

  • There are story reasons that you will be able to for, but you cannot climb out in-game.

Will there be cloaking?

  • We will not be talking about Storm or Interceptor at this time 😉    

Can we get a massive Axe for the Colossus?

  •  We won’t have replaceable melee weapons at launch

By Oh_Gaz

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