Secure a Future for Cain Gaspur

From Bioware Twitter: Family and friends have set up a fund to support Corey’s young son Cain. If you’d like to donate, you can do so here
Late in the evening on July 28th, 2017, we learned that we lost an amazing person, Corey Gaspur, to tragic circumstances sometime earlier in the week. With that, our friend, Laura Gaspur, lost her life partner, and their son, Cain Gaspur, lost his father.
Cain will be turning four on August 15th without his dad. It’s quite possible he won’t understand what has happened and he may not for some time. In order to secure his future education and help him learn who his father was and how he touched the many people around him; we have set up this fund in hopes that his friends and family will donate what they can during this difficult time. If you cannot donate then I would urge you to share a favourite memory you have of Corey. All donations will go to an account in Cains name with Laura having direct access.
If you wish and are able to help in other ways please contact me at We want the best for this beautiful boy and would be grateful for any contributions no matter how small.

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