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This morning the benevolent Game Director of Anthem –  Jon Warner – has taken to Twitter for an ongoing AMAAA. With translators in tow, Jon has been replying to a series of solid questions from both familiar and fresh community members – both local and afar (translated here)! 

With a few stand-out tweets, and some “already knowns”, there is some intrigue here…

Key Take-aways and New Info

1. Confirmation around the world being primarily jungle. Whilst we knew this from visual observations thus far, the environments that we could expect from Anthem had not been confirmed. From Jon’s comment, it is clear that the snippets of gameplay that we have seen to this point – are representative of the game’s overall environment.

2. Spawning protocol was discussed. in terms of “where one spawns in proximity to teammates”. Whilst expected,  it is a nice confirmation to have. Players will spawn “near-by” existing team members at which point you will be able to fly your Javelin over to join them.

3. In-game chat function confirmed for both in-game and when “reinforcing” your team. Presumably this term of Jon’s is alluding to voice enablement when “joining/loading-in/yet to be in-game” of your team…

4. Confirmation that details for the demo are COMING SOON! SOONTM

5. Guilds appear set  to show progress/stats. Which again, is something that we probably expected, but reassuring that Guilds will have data & trackable info for we analytical peeps.

6. Characters are labelled via “Call-Signs”. Jon made reference to the term “Call-Signs”. The term has been used previously, but it is clear that this is the nomenclature being used for in-game names. Curious: are Call-Signs in addition to gamertags from your Platform of choice? Or are they actually just Gamertags?

7. Moderate destruction occurs in-game, but is limited. With the Frostbite engine in tow, it will be exciting to see what elements of destruction we will bear witness to in-game. With Jon’s answer to this, we suspect that we are looking at mild destruction based on in-game enemy equipment, installations et. al. but not much physical environment destruction. We can perhaps hope then for some environmental effects, even if scenario-based….

8. Never say never to future VR Support 😉 Ohhhhhh Yeah!

Tweets of Most Interest/New Information

[Translated German Tweet]: Can we still get a video about the last two javelins? – Platinum_keks
Jon: “Most Likely”

Are there different factions or groups we can pledge allegiance to for special rewards? – Rick8rooke
Jon: Not in the way you’re thinking, no.

Fast Travel to teammates? Teammates Icons on radar/small map? – SamerYounes10
Jon: We place you close to teammates when you join, and then you can fly to them!

With Their Be In-Game Chat? Via both Groups Chat and Solo Free Play Voice Chat With Random Players? – D.A.I.K.I
Jon: We support in game chat when you are in a squad or reinforcing other Freelancers

Will there be an Anthem Demo?
Jon: The good news is, Demo details coming VERY SOON!

Will guilds be relevant, impactful we will be able to show our guild prowess and have a bit of progression? – Alem_Ant
Jon: You are correct. It’s still a little too soon to answer this one. 🙂

How will loot drops be handled? are they an item that once you pick up you can equip or something that must be “unlocked” in another area first? Will there be player-to-player trading? an auction house? – TheMontablac
Jon: You’ll be able to equip new gear at Ft. Tarsis or your Strider. No player trading. No Auction House.

How much sooner will you get the game if you have EA Access on Xbox – Westsidekillerr
Jon: Feb. 15th, 2019

Is it possible to name your character? – WilliamDoratty
Jon: Yes. You can set your callsign. 🙂

Will there be more biomes other than jungle and water? – NickfinFinn
Jon: It is mostly set in the jungle with a few surprises to come!

To what degree will the environment be destructable. F.e. can you destroy trees to force enemies out of cover? – ArchonN7
Jon: There is some destruction in the game, but it’s not large scale.

Will it ever get #VR support post-launch? – hardcorevr
Jon: It’s possible #NeverSayNever

Is it possible to double up on gear I.e a ranger with 2 grenades equiped or maybe a badass colossus with like two mortars?
Jon: No. Each gear slot is for a different type

Known Info, but still of interest….

[Translated German Tweet]: How will the leveling and system of stats work? Will there be weapons drops that adjust to the level of your opponents or to the level of your character? That means z.b. the enemy is level 24 and drops a level 24 weapon. Or stop on your lvl.”
Jon: The level of dropped items depends on the level of your character. – Jon

[Translated German Tweet]: Will it be open world or indexed a la destiny? And since you’ve praised Destiny’s guys so much, will Anthem have enough initial content or, as with Destiny, you’ll need dozens of DLC’s to get a finished game?
Jon: Anthem is an open world game. You will get a ready-made game right from the start, which we will constantly supply with new content.

What happens to experience once you max level your freelancer’s? Will there be an additional system to encourage the grind?
Jon: Yes!

Is there an expansion schedule planned to allow for consistent updates? – pap3rchampion
Jon: We haven’t published anything on this yet.

Will the end game raid or lair allow for more then 4 freelancers to participate? – GFLaserBolt
Jon: 4 Freelancers to a squad!

During the game will we always be in the javelins or will we be allowed out of the suits? – soniczoom2749
Jon: You won’t be in the Javelin while in Ft. Tarsis or the Strider. While adventuring, the world of Anthem is far too dangerous.

I would like to ask about the loot system. Are the rewards just unlocking perks or can we find hard to get weapons or armor? – dafoota
Jon: You’ll find weapons AND gear in the loot drops.

So the colosuss has the shield what do the other javelins have in that slot and are their other abilities for that slot – BjRaiden44
Jon: The shield isn’t a gear slot; it’s a damage mitigation ability. The Ranger has a dash. You may have seen the Storm’s teleportation in our gameplay demo… more on the Interceptor later. 😉

Will there be a fixed schedule for major in game events or will they just pop up at random? – MeoCorn
Jon: Both. More information on live updates later on.

What happens to experience once you max level your freelancer’s? Will there be an additional system to encourage the grind? – Frayus_KC
Jon: Yes!

Will this game be a game that i could invest my time long term like destiny 2, the division? most importantly will it be grindy and challenging so not everyone is handed out everything so the loot has actual meaning? casual friendly= not good for the game – ThunderStruck4K
Jon: Yes! We think you’ll enjoy the long term challenge

Can you play in first person at all? – StevenNoble
Jon: You are in first person when you are out of the Javelins but always 3rd person otherwise

“What are some of things you are planning to do to keep players returning to Anthem after launch? – KackisHD
Jon: We have exciting plans for our Post Launch, and we’ll be talking about that later in the campaign.

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